Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Schedules for the rest of 2014 and start of 2015

Hi, Everyone!

JoD has just posted the schedule for the rest of the year. Here it is:

Lane 1:
  • M-F: JoD 9-3, Dalton 3-6
  • Sat 10-1 Ben
Lane 2:
  • M, W, F: Kayla 9-3, Bridger 3-6
  • T, TH: Ben 9-6
Lane 3:
  • T,W,Th: Riley 3-6

Schedule starting January 5th:

Lane 1:
  • M, W: JoD 9-3
  • T, Th, F: Kayla 9-3
  • M-F: Dalton 3-6
  • Saturday: Ben 10-1
Lane 2:
  • M-F: Valerie 9-6
Lane 3:
  • M, W, F: Bridger 3-6
  • T, Th: Ben 9-6
JoD will open up lane 4 if needed. Riley T, W, Th 3-6.

If you have any questions, post them below!

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 2014 Swim Sale!

Hi, Parents!

It's swim sale time again! Ten lessons for $10 each, ending on October first. Right now is the very best time to take lessons! The weather is perfect (not too hot, not too cold), the pool is calm with only two instructors (plenty of open slots to fill!), and the location is fantastic!

We'll be at the current pool until it starts getting cold - probably for a few more weeks. We'll definitely let you know when things change.

If you aren't already following our Evernym Channel, please do so by clicking here.

Here's a link to the website so you can purchase your super awesome swim sale lessons!

Please pass this information along - even the simple skill of learning to float can save a child's life.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back to School Special!

Hey, everyone!

First, the big news! We are doing a back-to-school special this month! Only $10/lesson if you purchase at least 10 lessons. Link to this blog post on Facebook and help us spread the word - lessons are good for a full year!

Swim lessons are the perfect way to get children moving during the Fall/Winter months. So, if you're worried about exercise, this is it! Right now--before school starts--is the perfect time to bring your children. We will be in the warehouse in 2 weeks and will be doing lessons year round. The warehouse will be huge, with plenty of room for teaching and playing, and we'll have 2 to 3 lanes available all year. Perfect for mothers with pre-schoolers . . . drop off your children for school and then come on over and play with us!

We've noticed over the summer that many parents have only been coming occasionally. What we've found that works best is to bring your child every day for 2 weeks straight to get the basics down (they forget what they've learned otherwise). Some students will need about 20 lessons to get solid. Once they are set, then have them come 2 to 3 times a week.

Hope to see you soon, and happy swimming!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Evernym and Schedule Update

If you have NOT been getting updates from Evernym, please follow these steps:
  1. Make sure you are following the ONealAquatics Evernym Channel. (Click on the link. You may need to sign in/create an account.)
    1. If you are signed in and ARE following, the "Follow" button won't be visible. If you aren't, click on "Follow," then wait until tomorrow (8/1/14) to see if you get the next message.
  2. Make sure your email AND phone number have been verified:
    1. Sign in to 
    2. Add an email and phone number by clicking on Settings (bottom right button on website), and Edit Contact Info (then add the new information. IMPORTANT: make sure the email and number you put in are ones you check frequently!)
    3. Wait for five minutes. Check phone and email. Verify them both using the code that is sent. 
If a verification email or text isn't sent, continue reading down below for further instructions.

If you still aren't receiving the messages, even after verifying your info and making sure you're following the Channel, do the following:
  1. Sign in to your account on Evernym (
  2. Click on the "Feedback" button
  3. Make sure "Bug" is selected
  4. Tell them that you aren't receiving updates on your phone and/or email, even after verifying your email address and/or phone number. IMPORTANT: give them your name, email address, and phone number (the same ones you signed up under). This way, they'll be able to check if you're being blocked on the Evernym side.
If you never received the verification text or email:
  1. Follow the above instructions (just to double check)
  2. Re-send the verification code:
    1. sign in to
    2. click on Settings (bottom right corner)
    3. click on Edit Contact Info
    4. Click on the email/phone number that isn't verified
    5. Resend verification code
Wait for five minutes. If the code still doesn't come, do the following:
  1. DELETE your phone number AND email address
    1. You'll need to delete them twice. The first time removes your number and email from the list, the second time removes them from the website. You'll know they're gone when they're no longer showing at all under "Edit Contact Info"
    2. Re-add your phone number AND email address
    3. Wait five minutes. Enter the codes that come (or click the links)
If after resending and deleting you still don't receive the verification text or email:
  1. Try adding an alternate number/email (so we still have a way to contact you until things are resolved) AND:
  2. Check your spam filters, AND:
  3. Sign in to your account on Evernym (, then:
    1. Click on the "Feedback" button
    2. Make sure "Bug" is selected
    3. Tell them that:
      1. you haven't received a verification code to your phone/email (and/or)
      2. you checked your spam filters
      3. you deleted your phone number and email address and re-added them
      4. you still haven't received the codes. IMPORTANT: give them your name, email address, and phone number (the same ones you signed up under). This way, they'll be able to check if you're being blocked on the Evernym side.
Please comment below after you've sent the feedback so we know who's having to go that far (or you can go back and comment on the Facebook post). Thanks so much for your patience!

Schedule for the next two weeks:
Aug 4-15:
Lane 1 Noelle 9-3, McKenna 3-6
Lane 2 Kayla 9-3, Riley 3-6
Lane 3 Dalton 9-3, Ramey 3-6
Lane 4 Ben 9-6
Lane 5 JoD 9-12

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sad to see Brooke leave!

As posted by JoD on Facebook:

"It is very sad news but this will be my daughter Brooke's last week of teaching. Hopefully not forever, but for a while. She has another job that gives her benefits and that is what her and her husband deserve before they get pregnant. I know that this will break some hearts, but know that we have some great instructors that are staying with us through the Fall/Winter months. Kayla, Big Ben, Dalton, Riley, Ramey, and Noelle. JoD and Rob will probably be popping in and out as well. We'll keep you posted on the weekly schedules! It's going to be a great rest of the year!" - JoD

Today is the first day for being at the Super 8 pool. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to leave a comment here or on Facebook and we'll address them!

Also, is there a specific brand of swim diaper you would recommend to new parents? If so, leave a comment below and we'll add it to the blog.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Schedule and Evernym

Here's the schedule for next week:

For those of you who haven't heard yet, we'll be using a service called Evernym to keep in touch with people. Evernym allows JoD (or Andrea, if JoD isn't available) to send ONE message and have it get delivered, vial email and text messaging, to everyone who has followed the ONealAquatics Channel. If you'd like more information on the process, check out our blog post here.

We've already begun transitioning to relaying all important information through the Evernym Channel.

Here's how to follow it:
  1. Go to the ONealAquatics Channel by clicking here
  2. Click on "Follow"
  3. Create a free and completely private account (your Evernym user name can be your name or something else)
  4. ADD A PHONE NUMBER (we highly, highly recommend this. Why? Phone is the easiest and fastest way to get in contact with people in case of emergency. All information is held confidential. Evernym is devoted to never selling private info - ever.)
  5. Verify your email address and phone number (otherwise we can't contact you) and follow the instructions.
  6. Let Andrea know (email: if you have any problems verifying your information (or any other issues).
Thanks! We look forward to better serving you and your children.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Keeping You Updated


As all of you know, keeping in touch regarding the recent changes has been a difficult and frustrating problem. We've found that not every person can be contacted in the same way - email, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

After hours/days/weeks of research, we're excited to announce that we've found a solution to the problem! Here's a two-minute video that explains the functionality of the company we'll be working with (If you'd rather not watch it, scroll down for instructions on how to receive updates from O'Neal Aquatics):

If you didn't watch the video, you'll want to know that during the next few days, we'll be transitioning to a much easier, faster, and more reliable method of keeping in touch. It's through a local company called Evernym.

In short, Evernym allows JoD (or Andrea, if JoD isn't available) to send ONE message and have it get delivered to everyone via email and text messaging (you choose which way). In the future, we'll be able to send you urgent messages through Facebook, Twitter, and even other people (depending on how and where YOU want to be contacted, and don't worry - you can opt out at any time.)

Over the next week or so, this will become our main way to keep in contact with parents. 

Here's how to follow the ONealAquatics Channel:
  1. Go to the ONealAquatics Channel by clicking here
  2. Click on "Follow"
  3. Create a free and completely private account (your Evernym user name can be your name or something else)
  4. Verify your email address (otherwise we can't contact you) and follow the instructions 
Evernym is just starting out, and we're the first company to work with them. If you find any bugs, please send them feedback by clicking on the "feedback" button on the top of the website and describing what happened. Alternatively, you can report bugs to Andrea ( and she'll pass the word along to the Evernym creators.

They also have a free app available through the iTunes store and the Google Play store. Search for "Evernym" and it'll come up. You'll be able to access the O'Neal Aquatics Channel through this application or through the website.

We're really looking forward to a much better way to keep in contact with all of you!


JoD and her helpers (Andrea Pearson, Josh Batchelor)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Swim Lesson Sale!!!

Hey, everyone!

JoD has just put up a swim lesson sale! $12 per lesson if you buy a package of 30. That's a savings of $90!

Everything is set up for you to purchase lessons - just log in to your account over on the O'Neal Aquatics website, click on "buy lessons," and then select the sale package.

This expires Saturday night (July 26, 2014), so spread the word and take advantage of it!

Also, if you have any suggestions for the blog, please consider emailing Andrea and letting her know your thoughts/comments.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Schedule for July 21-26 and update on pool

Here's the schedule for July 21-26:

Update on the pool situation:

It's looking like we'll be in the Lindon warehouse after all - JoD is calling to see if she can get a one-month temporary permit to use.

If all else fails, the pool at the Super 8 off the freeway in Lehi will be our backup. We'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Looking for a temporary Pool, a New Warehouse, and a Realtor

Hi, Everyone!

A couple of updates on the pool situation:

The warehouse in Lindon might not end up working. The city told JoD that it isn't in the correct zone, and it'll take 45 days for them to review her status and make an exception. This is a long time for O'Neal Aquatics to be jumping around, trying to find temporary locations!

In the meantime, she is needing another privately-owned pool (within ten miles of her PG location) where she can hold swimming lessons. She's willing to trade 100 lessons for one week's use of the pool. You've seen the PG and Cedar Hills pools - something similar to those would be perfect. Text or call JoD (801-636-2708), message her on Facebook, or comment below if you have information.

Also, she's looking for a real estate agent who can help her search for another warehouse in or around the following cities: Lehi, Orem, Lindon, AF, or PG, just in case this current one doesn't end up working out. The ideal Realtor/real estate agent would be one who works with this sort of thing on a regular basis, since we don't have much time to spend on searching. She needs to find one ASAP so she can start moving her pool. Again, contact JoD if you know of anyone.

For those who have asked why Lindon might not work anymore, it's all about zoning and what the city will allow. Some cities consider her commercial and some don't. Idealistically, she'll find a place that won't require rezoning before moving in.

Until further notice, swimming will still be at the Cedar Hills location.

Another HUGE thank you to the DuJardins for their wonderful hospitality! And to their neighbors too. ;-) :-)

Thanks so much to you all for your patience! If you have questions about anything, feel free to comment below!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Updates on Pool and Schedules

From JoD:

Hey everyone... for this week we are still at the Cedar Hills location. I will be doing everything possible to be in the warehouse in Lindon as soon as possible. The foreman on the job site is telling me that the City of Lindon will inspect the gas lines on Wed and will then call Questar to set up the meters. If they call then, it's 7-10 days until we can move in.

If we have a ton of people calling Phil Brown, the chief city inspector and ask to speed things up or give us a temporary permit we can be in much sooner! Phil's number at the city if (801)785-7687. We will be the squeaky wheel!

Schedules this (and next) week:

Lane 1 Brooke 9-12 most days, except for Mon, McKenna 3-8, Shaylee will be in Wed, Thurs and Fri to fill for Brooke.
Lane 2 Kayla 9-3, Ramey 3-6.
Lane 3 Dalton 9-6
Lane 4 Noelle 9-3, Ben Jr 3-6
Lane 5 Ben 9-3
Lane 6 McKenna 9-12, Ben Jr 12-3

If you have any questions, let us know!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Twitter Account Active and an Important Update!

Okay, people, it's time to find easier ways to keep in contact with everyone!

If you'd like to receive text messages from Twitter every time we post updates, please do the following:

1. Create a free Twitter account (you can set yours to private, if you wish)
2. Follow O'Neal Aquatics by clicking here and clicking on the "Follow" button
3. Click the little "settings" button (it's next to the "follow" button and looks like a gear)
4. Click on "turn on mobile notifications" (it's near the bottom, and you need to have a cell phone synched to your Twitter account for this to work)

And voila! Any time an update is posted over Twitter, you'll get it straight to your phone! It's so much more reliable than Facebook.

If you have questions or comments, please add them below!

Now, for the important message from JoD:

"Just talked to the City Inspector... the warehouse hasn't been cleared for occupancy so I'm going to have wait at least another week or so before we can move into the new space. I am not happy about all this, and am pushing my landlord as much as possible. There's a list of things that still need to be done so be patient and I'll keep you informed! Thank you everyone for your consideration through all this... especially the DuJardin's for being so hospitable and allowing us the use of their beautiful pool and backyard! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Monday, July 7, 2014

New Pool Location!

We have a new location for our pool that will be semi-permanent! It's in Lindon, just off of the freeway. Here's the address:

31 S. 1550 W.
Suite 112
Lindon, UT

We'll stay at the Cedar Hills address until we move, which will be on July 14th. (Current address: 9456 Canyon Heights Dr. Cedar Hills)

Also on July 14th, prices will increase to $18/lesson.

Looking forward to seeing you at the new location!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Pool Address

Swim lessons have been moved for the next couple weeks to 9456 Canyon Heights Dr. Cedar Hills. Text or call JoD if you have any questions! (801-636-2708)

Friday, May 30, 2014


Welcome to the O'Neal Aquatics blog!

Feel free to make yourself comfortable. Let us know if you have any questions by emailing Andrea or by commenting on any of the posts or pages. We look forward to getting to know you!