Monday, July 14, 2014

Updates on Pool and Schedules

From JoD:

Hey everyone... for this week we are still at the Cedar Hills location. I will be doing everything possible to be in the warehouse in Lindon as soon as possible. The foreman on the job site is telling me that the City of Lindon will inspect the gas lines on Wed and will then call Questar to set up the meters. If they call then, it's 7-10 days until we can move in.

If we have a ton of people calling Phil Brown, the chief city inspector and ask to speed things up or give us a temporary permit we can be in much sooner! Phil's number at the city if (801)785-7687. We will be the squeaky wheel!

Schedules this (and next) week:

Lane 1 Brooke 9-12 most days, except for Mon, McKenna 3-8, Shaylee will be in Wed, Thurs and Fri to fill for Brooke.
Lane 2 Kayla 9-3, Ramey 3-6.
Lane 3 Dalton 9-6
Lane 4 Noelle 9-3, Ben Jr 3-6
Lane 5 Ben 9-3
Lane 6 McKenna 9-12, Ben Jr 12-3

If you have any questions, let us know!

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