Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Looking for a temporary Pool, a New Warehouse, and a Realtor

Hi, Everyone!

A couple of updates on the pool situation:

The warehouse in Lindon might not end up working. The city told JoD that it isn't in the correct zone, and it'll take 45 days for them to review her status and make an exception. This is a long time for O'Neal Aquatics to be jumping around, trying to find temporary locations!

In the meantime, she is needing another privately-owned pool (within ten miles of her PG location) where she can hold swimming lessons. She's willing to trade 100 lessons for one week's use of the pool. You've seen the PG and Cedar Hills pools - something similar to those would be perfect. Text or call JoD (801-636-2708), message her on Facebook, or comment below if you have information.

Also, she's looking for a real estate agent who can help her search for another warehouse in or around the following cities: Lehi, Orem, Lindon, AF, or PG, just in case this current one doesn't end up working out. The ideal Realtor/real estate agent would be one who works with this sort of thing on a regular basis, since we don't have much time to spend on searching. She needs to find one ASAP so she can start moving her pool. Again, contact JoD if you know of anyone.

For those who have asked why Lindon might not work anymore, it's all about zoning and what the city will allow. Some cities consider her commercial and some don't. Idealistically, she'll find a place that won't require rezoning before moving in.

Until further notice, swimming will still be at the Cedar Hills location.

Another HUGE thank you to the DuJardins for their wonderful hospitality! And to their neighbors too. ;-) :-)

Thanks so much to you all for your patience! If you have questions about anything, feel free to comment below!

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