Sunday, May 24, 2015

SALE!!! And Location/Schedule Reminders

First, help us spread the word about our HUGE Memorial-Day Only Sale! It's $12/lesson with a minimum purchase of ten (10) lessons. It's available NOW through Memorial Day only!

And now, a message from JoD:

Just a reminder... Starting June 1, 2015... if your lessons are scheduled any day M-S from 9-2:40 you will be going to 2195 N. 100 E, (Canyon Road) PG.  Parking is in the church parking lot, and walk next door to the pool in the corner.  If your lessons are scheduled Tues, Wed, Thur from 3-7, you will be going to 10666 N. East Jerling Drive, (by the Alpine Country Club) Highland.

We will be at these outdoor pools for the duration of the summer, June-Sept. For Fall and Winter (until my facility is completed) we will be back at the 10196 Hidden Pond, Highland pool. Commercial construction is VERY slow, and it looks like it won't be till next year my new aquatics facility will be built.  I am working on getting the property just west of Walmart in Saratoga Springs.  We are all very excited about this, but know it's down the road.

In the mean time can we all be courteous in our parking, trash, and noise level?  There are no bathroom facilities at the PG pool, so use the public bathroom at Discovery Park a couple blocks away.  The Highland pool will allow us to use the bathroom off the garage.  Please park throughout the neighborhood in Highland and NOT in front of the neighbor to the south of the pool.

If you have any questions call me at (801)636-2708.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Updated information on pools and schedules

Thanks, everyone, for your patience while we worked out bugs on the Evernym Channel. Responses normally come only to the Channel owner (Andrea), but for a day or so, all responses were going to everyone. Sorry about that and thanks again for your patience! The issue has been resolved now.

Starting June 1 the locations will be at:

9-3, Monday-Friday: 2195 N 100 E Pleasant Grove. Park in south end of the church parking lot and walk next door to the pool. There are no bathroom facilities here. The closest bathroom is at Discovery Park, south a couple blocks.

Lane 1: Dalton
Lane 2: Kayla/Mashay
Lane 3: Noelle
Lane 4: Blake
Lane 5: Aubri
Lane 6: Sara

Hailey will be the lunch sub for everyone between the hours of 11:40-1:40.

3-7, Tuesdays,Wednesdays, and Thursdays: 10666 N. East Jerling Drive, Highland, which is right next to Alpine Country Club. Spread yourselves around the neighborhood to park. We can use the bathroom right off the garage.

Lane 1: Hailey
Lane 2: Madi
Lane 3: Lindsey
Lane 4: Joel
Lane 5: Hunter/Dakota

9-3, Saturdays: 2195 N. 100 E. Pleasant Grove. Park in church south parking lot, walk next door. No bathroom facilities.

Lane 1: Hailey
Lane 2: Madi/Lindsey
Lane 3: Sara
Lane 4: Hunter/Dakota

Price of a lesson: $18.  The contact phone number is (801)636-2708

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pool Locations and Lesson Cancellations

Here is the pool location information for June through September, along with lesson cancellation info:

Starting June 1:
9-3, Monday-Saturday: Pool on Canyon Road in PG (2195 N 100 E, Pleasant Grove, UT.)

3-7, Tuesday-Thursday: New pool in Highland (10666 N East Jerling Dr. Highland - please see below for parking info)

3-7, Mondays and Fridays: rather than find a third pool, JoD is deleting all lanes and crediting parents' accounts. Please reschedule these lessons for another time.

JoD is opening up another lane from 9-3 as soon as she knows all her instructors' schedules.

In September, we'll be back to the current pool in Highland (10196 Hidden Pond Highland) and it's expected that JoD's new, permanent location will be finished and ready at the start of 2016. Yay!

Parking information for the new Highland pool: It's literally right on the Highland Country Club golf range. Parents can park by the country club or on the street (not by the next door neighbors to the south).