Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back to School Special!

Hey, everyone!

First, the big news! We are doing a back-to-school special this month! Only $10/lesson if you purchase at least 10 lessons. Link to this blog post on Facebook and help us spread the word - lessons are good for a full year!

Swim lessons are the perfect way to get children moving during the Fall/Winter months. So, if you're worried about exercise, this is it! Right now--before school starts--is the perfect time to bring your children. We will be in the warehouse in 2 weeks and will be doing lessons year round. The warehouse will be huge, with plenty of room for teaching and playing, and we'll have 2 to 3 lanes available all year. Perfect for mothers with pre-schoolers . . . drop off your children for school and then come on over and play with us!

We've noticed over the summer that many parents have only been coming occasionally. What we've found that works best is to bring your child every day for 2 weeks straight to get the basics down (they forget what they've learned otherwise). Some students will need about 20 lessons to get solid. Once they are set, then have them come 2 to 3 times a week.

Hope to see you soon, and happy swimming!

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