Getting Started

Read here to learn more about what to expect when starting swimming lessons!

General Information

The best way to get a feel for how things will go is to come to the pool and observe! Bring your child, if possible, so they have the opportunity to grow accustomed to the pool and atmosphere. Take a seat and ask questions of any of the parents--you'll find that they're very eager to be of assistance.

If you'd rather not ask questions in person, read over the information on this page, along with the tab titled "Advice from Parents." If your questions still haven't been answered, feel free to comment here or give us a call.

Setting up lessons:

Sign in to our website (create an account) and click on the "Schedule Lessons" tab. A calender will pop up. Click on the day you want to schedule a lesson. All of the available swimming lanes for that day will appear.

Underneath the date, you'll see the following:

0 Lessons Left   Buy Lessons

Click on the "Buy Lessons" and then click on "Pay with Paypal"

You can update the quantity of lessons you want to purchase on the left side of the screen, before logging in to your PayPal Account. (Be sure to click "Update" after entering a new total.) After updating the total, sign in to your PayPal account and complete the process.

Return to the website. (Sign in again, if necessary, and click on the day you want to schedule lessons.) You should now see:

(#) Lessons Left   Buy Lessons

Available times will show up in yellow with a drop down arrow. Click on the arrow. Select your child's name. The yellow "available" will turn to your child's name in green.

You can change the day and time of lessons as needed up to 24 hours in advance. After that, if a cancelation is necessary, please text JoD and let her know so she can fill the spot. Refunds are only issued with at least 24-hour notice.

Please note that if you schedule your child in the same lane and and at the same time each day/week, you will have a greater chance of getting the same instructor. Schedules are regularly posted on the Facebook page, so once you find an instructor your child likes, be watching there to know what times that instructor is in the pool and in which lanes!

How many lessons?

We recommend five lessons a week for the first two weeks. After that point, your swim instructor can help you determine how frequently your child should be coming. Lessons two to three times a week after that works really well, just to help cement the lessons in and so that the child doesn't forget.

One thing most parents have found helpful is scheduling a couple months' worth of lessons leading up to swim season, then entering a "maintenance" mode, where swim lessons happen once or twice a week throughout swim season and the rest of the year.

Many parents like to take fall and winter off. This is optional, but not recommended, depending on the age of the child. It isn't common for children under four to completely forget everything they learned during lessons or for them to develop a fear of the water if they're not in and around it regularly. You can avoid this by maintaining a regular schedule of lessons.

What should I bring?

You and your child! If your child is under the age of four, Utah State Law requires that a swim diaper be worn while in the water at all times. Many parents use disposable swim diapers, but others have found it to be more cost-effective to purchase the reusable, washable iSwim diapers from Amazon.

If you forget a towel, we have plenty on hand. We also provide goggles and any other swim-type object that would possibly be needed during a lesson.

What to expect with a child:

Infants, toddlers, and even children tend to cry the first few lessons. Some babies and toddlers will cry each lesson for up to a week or more. Don't let this worry you, it's very normal. We do what we can to help them enjoy themselves, but our first goal is safety in the water, which means assisting them with learning things they aren't comfortable doing yet. They'll come to love swimming soon!

If you'd like to read more, please click on our Advice from Parents tab at the top.

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