Advice from Parents

If you have advice that isn't listed here, feel free to email it to Andrea and she'll post it!

"Come and talk to other parents. Ask questions. We're here to help!" - Stephanie

"If possible, come every day for two or three weeks. It'll help your kids learn faster. Before I switched to daily lessons, my son was taking months to learn what my friend's daughter learned in a couple of weeks." - Sarah

"Keep with it, even when lessons get hard! It pays off." - Audrey

"Every day for a week, leading up to your child's first lesson, show him or her YouTube videos of other kids in swim lessons. Then practice things in the tub: laying down in the tub, having his or her face in the water, blowing bubbles, etc." - April (Click on the "Photos and Videos" tab above for some O'Neal Aquatics videos)

"Come every day. Be consistent. Do more than five lessons. The better you are at scheduling daily lessons, the better your kids will do." - Nikki

"Trust the process and trust that the instructors know what they're doing. And especially be patient with your kids! Every parent wants a fast swimmer, but that rarely happens. Also, you'll find that if you start them younger, they'll fight you less and catch on faster." - Melissa

"The first day my daughter was here, she cried. I was told to hide, but that made her cry more. Most kids do better when their parents aren't in sight during the first few lessons, but in rare occasions, some kids do worse. Be willing to be flexible." - Lauren

"Start early, before they're scared of the water. Most kids develop a fear of the water around two years old. If they're already in swim lessons before then, they'll do much better. My son cried during the first 20 lessons, so it was tough. But now he absolutely loves the water and is safe in it too. Also, don't be afraid to spend money on the lessons. Your kids will actually learn how to swim at O'Neal Aquatics, as opposed to cheaper group lessons where the instructors don't have as much experience and training, and where the lessons aren't one-on-one." - Nicole

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