Monday, February 16, 2015

Updates and a Question

Hey, everyone! JoD has three things to update us on:

1. "Alliesha is going to be opening up her own lane for her clients in lane 5, Mondays and Fridays. Please don't fill in those days in lane 5. Thanks!"

2. "Everyone coming in and swimming with us, please stop off at the card table and fill out a new and updated Parental Consent Form. Each family coming has to fill out a paper form as well as one online. Thanks so much for coming!"

3. "I've decided to find some commercial property to build an aquatics facility on somewhere in North Utah County. So I'm looking for several things... anyone who would like to trade land (at least an acre), building contractor, blue print designer to draw up blue prints like this one in Highland, pool builder, all to be done by June 1, 2015. We have a lot of work to do so if you want to assist in this project, just text or email me. We got this!

And now for the question. We're wanting to post more content on the blog and are wondering what sorts of things you would like to see? Please comment below!

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