Monday, January 19, 2015

February Schedule and Updates

JoD just opened up another lane on Saturday from 10-1. Bridger will be working lane 2. Also Tuesdays, starting the 20th, a 4th lane will open up.

Here's the schedule for February!

Lane 1: JoD: 9-3 (Mon and Wed). Kayla: 9-3 (Tue, Thu, Fri). Dalton 3-6
Lane 2: Val: 9-6 (Mon and Fri) and 9-3 (Tue, Wed, Thur). Riley: 3-6. Bridger: 10-1.
Lane 3: Dalton: 11:40-3 (Mon, Wed, Fri). Ben: 9-6 (Tue, Th, Sat). Bridger: 3-6 (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Lane 4: Dalton: 11:40-3 (Tue and Thu). JoD: 3-6 (Tue and Thu). Cody: 3-6 (Wed)

Last week in February: JoD and Dalton are going to Hawaii for his graduation present.

Swim Team updates:

Swim Team is in full swing! If you're interested in moving your children up to the next level, this is the way to do it. They have to know all 4 racing strokes. Pass them off with Dalton. Swim team is in the evenings Mon-Thu from 6:00-6:40. It's only $75/mo. Chelsea, JoD's daughter, is running it and doing a great job, so by summer they'll be ready for the big leagues!

Have a great week!

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